Sensation play is an act of conveying feelings to the body, thereby causing pleasure. In fact, sensation play is so ubiquitous in sex that every one of us may have experienced sensation play in sex.

Think of the gentle touch on your body from your partner during sex, the moment his wet tongue ran crosses your nipples, have you ever been sexually aroused by those actions?  Did your legs burn with desire?

The purpose of sensation play is to enhance the pleasurable sensation of all senses during sex, so sensation play includes impact (spanking or hitting with tools), wax play, pain, temperature, restraint, smell, figging sight and electroplay.

The following are the 6 most common sensation play and how to do it safely.

1. Wax play

Wax play is a kind of temperature play. Wax play is to drip hot wax onto bare skin to entice excitement and sexual arousal. The candles on the market that are suitable for wax play are generally low temperature candles at 127.4 degrees Fahrenheit, there will only be a slight burning feeling, under the premise of correct use, low temperature candles will not burn the skin. After the hot wax has solidified, the wax can be easily removed without leaving scar on the skin.

How to do it safely?

  • Use low temperature candles designed specifically for wax dripping
  • These areas need to be avoided:Hair, ears, nose, eyes, vaginal, anal, and urethral cavities
  • Agree on a safe word between the two parties
  • Prepare a fire extinguisher or sand that blocks oxygen
  • Prepare a medical kit for emergency treatment of severely scalded skin


(Room-fun Low Temp Scented Candles)

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2. Temperature play

Ice play is the most typical kind of temperature play. The stinging sensation left by ice cubes on the skin can add an element of sensory stimulation and surprise to any sexy BDSM scene, and most people choose to rub ice cubes over the skin.

Another high-level temperature play is to use sex toys that can conduct heat, such as glass/full-metal sex toys. Before use, place glass/all-metal sex toys in a refrigerator or hot water. The temperature of these toys will change with the ambient temperature due to their thermal conductivity. Then put these sex toys with changed temperature on sensitive parts of the body quickly to feel the unexpected stimulation and surprise.

(Fox Tail Full Metal Anal Plug)

How to do it safely?

  • If you put ice cubes or heated toys into anus or vagina, take care not to put them in for more than 3 minutes, as they can easily freeze and burn fragile tissue
  • Prepare a medical first aid kit in advance for unexpected frostbite or scalds
  • Agree on a safe word between the two parties


3. Electroplay

Electroplay is a BDSM game that uses electrical stimulation for sexual desire or erotic pleasure. The most common electroplay toys are electric shock rod/whip,neon Wand, violet wand and tens units.

(Electric Shock Rod)

How to do it safely?

  • Purchase and use reliable and safe electric shock toys
  • Remove all jewelry before electroplay
  • Don’t use electrical toys on allergic skin or wound
  • Agree on a safe word between the two parties
  • High voltage currents can burn the skin and leave scars. Increase the intensity slowly and carefully as you play.


4. Wartenberg pinwheels

The Wartenberg Pinwheels were designed by Robert Wartenberg and were originally used to roll over the skin to test neural responses. In addition to its medical use, the Wartenberg Pinwheel is now widely used in BDSM games for sexual pleasure through a slight tingling or tickling sensation on the skin.

How to do it safely?

  • Always disinfect the Wartenberg Pinwheel to keep it sanitary and clean
  • Don't use it with too much pressure to avoid piercing the dermis. After all, you want to please your partner, not abuse and hurt your partner.
  • Agree on a safe word between the two parties

(Pen-shaped Medical PinWheel)


 5. Tickle play

 All of us are familiar with tickling, an act that causes irritation and excitement by lightly touching the skin. In fact tickle play is an important element in the relationship between domination and submission, mostly to punish a masochist. Tickle Play is one of the simplest sensation Play, with simple tools such as fingers, feather dusters, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, feathers or vibrators, you can  punish the masochist directly by tickling.

How to do it safely?

  • Agree on a safe word or a safe signal between the two parties. (Sometimes the subs in the extremely itchy state are unable to articulate the safe word verbally, so a safety signal can be set)


6. Impact play

Impact play is mainly to strike the masochist in different ways such as spanking, whipping,  caning, flogging and paddling for the sexual satisfaction of either or both parties

How to do it safely?

  • In general, the meatier the area, the safer it is to strike,  like buttocks, legs, thighs
  • These areas need to be avoided: Head, ears, major organ parts, spine, lower back
  • Agree on a safe word between the two parties

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So, have you tried any of the six sensation play mentioned above? If you haven't tried them before, you can do with your partner and it will definitely be a lot of fun. Be safe and have a good time!

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