What is Wax Play?

Wax Play is a BDSM game in which sadist finds psychological satisfaction and causes masochist pain by dripping hot melted wax onto masochist's face, hands, legs, buttocks, tongue or even sexual parts. As wax is almost harmless to human body, and it is not easy to leave marks on human skin after wax play, so wax play has become one of the most common training games in BDSM.


How to choose candles?

In general, low temperature candles are the best choice. Unlike lighting candles, low temperature candles have a lower melting point (122 F-140 F) . The temperature will not be too high, not easy to cause accidental damage. The use of low-temperature candles for wax play is mainly to cause a visual shock to the sadist, but also to give the masochist a feeling of fear and slight pain, and will not cause real burns.

As for the ordinary lighting candle, its melting point is generally around 176°F, the wax oil at this temperature can easily cause burns on the skin, so new wax players should not try it easily.

In addition to the difference in temperature, most low-temperature candles on the market now use natural beeswax as raw materials, and add natural oil products such as olive oil and aromatic substances such as essential oils to produce aroma. The faint fragrance that such scented candle can send out after burning, not only can build comfortable, relaxed environment, even some aroma still has aphrodisiac effect.

(Room-fun Low Temp Scented Candles)

Wax playing skills

The closer the candle is to the skin, the wax oil will be hotter; the greater the angle at which the candle is tilted, the faster the wax drops.

It is recommended to drop the wax oil from 12 inches or more above the skin. If masochist is comfortable with this temperature,  the sadist can hold the candle slowly close to the masochist's skin and observe the masochist's reaction at the same time.


Where to begin?

It is generally recommended to start at the back or buttocks, which can withstand higher temperatures than the other parts of the body.  In fact, every part of the human body can do wax play, but different parts of the body have different sensitivity to higher temperatures. Tender skin areas such as the breasts, inner thighs and soles of the feet have a much lower tolerance to higher temperatures, thus playing with wax on these areas will give masochist a much stronger reaction.  

In fact, the sadist should test the temperature with the back of the hand before dropping hot wax to a particular area. At the meantime, adjust the height and angle of the candle depending on masochist's reaction. If masochist struggles and twists the body or cries in a low voice, so this is the right temperature;If masochist is calm and doesn't even react, then sadist can raise the temperature slowly. If the Masochist's body reacts violently with the wax, watch out if the wax is too hot!

To keep masochist from struggling, sadist can tie him/her up before doing wax play

To remove the wax from skin, simply apply ice cubes or a cold towel to the skin. The wax will fall off naturally when the skin contracts.

(Use props to scrape off after cooling)


Matters needing attention

  • Prepare a fire extinguisher or sand that blocks oxygen
  • Prepare some ice cubes or a wet, cool, clean towel
  • Put an old sheet or tarp on the floor or furniture to protect your carpet or furniture
  • Prepare a medical kit for emergency treatment of severely scalded skin
  • Do not for any reason use the wax internally.  Keep it out of vaginal, anal, and urethral cavities!
  • Avoid dropping wax around the eyes, if wax drips into the eye, it will make one go blind
  • Some people may be allergic to most of the added ingredients in candles. If you have an allergic reaction to perfume or nuts, it is recommended not to try wax play, or to test a few drops on the back of the hand to see if there is an unpleasant reaction before dropping the wax over a large area