Many people who are not familiar with BDSM mistakenly think that BDSM relies on punishment to get people to obey. Well, it's a very one-sided view. Punishment does exist extensively in BDSM relationships, but if you really get into BDSM, you will find that discipline is more important than punishment, and punishment is just one of the ways to maintain discipline. And maintaining discipline is not all about punishment,  appropriate rewards are also important.

Many experienced dominators know that appropriate rewards are a positive reinforcement to maintain or emphasize discipline — instead of punishing your  submissive,reward your  submissive for good behavior or for following the rules to make them more compliant and committed to discipline.

Believe it or not, rewards are important, and in a BDSM relationship, punishment is a way to let your submissive know what is wrong, but they need to know what is right.

Your submissant needs the right encouragement to realize that they are pleasing you, that they are doing the right thing, and that they will continue to do it.

In addition, the reward will make your submissive person feel loved, cared for, cherished, and needed. In return, they will do everything with greater spirit and enthusiasm, and they will be more subject to the rules and disciplines you set

Some examples of good punishment are…

  • Physical caresses, like a gentle touch, a long hug, a kiss on the forehead

  • Give them body massages to "take care of your possessions.
  • A scene designed specially according to their fetishes
  • Experiences, like make love in his preferred sex position