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Hey doms, how do you reward your subs?

Many people who are not familiar with BDSM mistakenly think that BDSM relies on punishment to get people to obey. Well, it's a very one-sided view. Punishment does exist extensively in BDSM relationships, but if you really get into BDSM, you will find that discipline is more important than punishment, and punishment is just one of the ways to maintain discipline. And maintaining discipline is not all about punishment,  appropriate rewards are also important. Many experienced dominators know that appropriate rewards are a positive reinforcement to maintain or emphasize discipline — instead of punishing your  submissive,reward your  submissive for good behavior or for following the rules to make them more compliant and committed to discipline. Believe it or not, rewards are important, and in a BDSM relationship, punishment is a way to let your submissive know what is wrong, but they need to know what is right. Your submissant needs the right encouragement to realize that they are pleasing you, that they are doing the right thing, and that they will continue to do it. In addition, the reward will make your submissive person feel loved, cared for, cherished, and needed. In return, they will do everything with greater spirit and enthusiasm, and they will be more subject to the rules and disciplines you set Some examples of good punishment are… Verbal praise. Like “Good girl,” “Well done,” “Good.” EXTRA orgasms Buying a new toy, like new collar, new mouth gag, new anal plug, novel vibrator.. Physical caresses, like a gentle touch, a long hug, a kiss on the forehead Give them body massages to "take care of your possessions. A scene designed specially according to their fetishes Experiences, like make love in his preferred sex position  

Seriously, why do lesbians use strap-on dildo since they don't like men

(Love is borderless) What is a strap-on dildo? Strap-on Dildo is a sex toy that includes a dildo and harness. The main use is to attach the dildo to the harness, and then the wearer puts the harness with the fixed dildo on the hip and then has sex. Strap-on is mainly used for penetrative sex, which can be either vaginal sex or anal sex. Strap-on dildo is not limited to lesbians. When a woman wears strap-on to penetrate a man, the act is known as pegging. View more on why straight men like pegging   How do lesbians usually have sex? A lot of people have the misconception that since lesbians don't like men so they don't need sex and they usually just kiss. Well, we can't blame them, after all, most schools and parents tell their students or kids that sex is about a man's penis going into a woman's vagina.. Love is simple and pure, lesbians are also normal people, they also have sexual desire in front of the people they love. Basically, there's not much difference between a lesbian's sex and a heterosexual sex, at least not in important ways. Some lesbian couples enjoy deep kisses and hugs, while others enjoy oral sex, using their tongues and lips to delight each other. Some lesbian couples like to use their fingers or hands, such as fingering, clitoral play, anal play, fisting, breast and nipple stimulation. And some will do positions like 69 or scissoring. Some lesbian couples like to use a variety of sex toys, vibrators, anal plugs, and of course, strap-on( For penetration.) Some lesbian couples also like BDSM and cosplay. Lesbian sex can be rough and fast-paced, or slow and gentle. There are a variety of styles and moves, and every couple can do and defineit any way they want.   Why do lesbians use strap-on Although studies have shown that most women can't have an orgasm through vaginal intercourse, most women have orgasms primarily through stimulation of the clitoris or the G-spot. But there are still some women who enjoy vaginal intercourse and enjoy being penetrated. Just as some men prefer to have an orgasm through anal sex, strap-on is just a way to have an orgasm. Strap-on has nothing to do with gender, it's all about enjoying sex. For most people, they also want to orgasm in a variety of ways and positions, so strap-on is just a tool for achieving orgasm. That's why RoomFun originally designed its Strap-On range, to provide couples of different genders more ways to have orgasms.   What's so special about RoomFun's Strap-On Series? Roomfun’s strap-on series of products are specially designed by roomfun’s lesbian designer based on her own needs and the suggestions of lesbian friends around her. There are currently three products in this series, each with its own characteristics. 1.Strap-On Dildos For Beginners The dark pink Strap-On Dildo is designed for those who have not yet had extensive vaginal or anal sex experience.. This dildo is soft and slender. The ergonomic curve design allows this dildo to easily penetrate into the vagina or anus to stimulate the G-spot or prostate, but it is not easy to cause pain. The harness is easy to wear, very suitable for beginners. (Strap-On Dildos For Beginners) 2.Strap-On Dildos The strap-on Dildos are available in two shapes. One is a basic dildo with horizontal stripes that rub against the G-spot and stimulate the prostate when penetrated. The other is a penis shape with a glans head, which mimics the shape of a male penis. Each kind of dildo comes in a different size, and the customer can choose the appropriate size according to their experience in fingering. (Strap-On Dildos) 3.Double vibrator strap-on dildo The Double vibrator strap-on dildo is specifically designed for both parties to orgasm. Two powerful motors and 5 different vibration modes can provide both of you with pleasure and intense orgasms at the same time. The one be penetrated will get G-spot or prostate orgasm, and the wearer will get clitoral orgasm. (Double vibrator strap-on dildo)

Spice Up Your Sex Life! Using Light BDSM As Foreplay During Sex

  What is Light BDSM When it comes to BDSM, many people's first impression is extreme and painful. Well, that's not exactly true. It would be inaccurate to assume that all BDSM scenes involve the imposition of extreme pain. Indeed, many of the BDSM scenes are extreme or unacceptable, including whipping, caning, needles into the skin, dripping hot wax directly on the skin, choking game, enema and hundreds of other forms of erotic expression, many of which you may find difficult to imagine. But don't be frightened and afraid. In fact, the extent of BDSM can be controlled. Recall that when you and your partner were having sex especially with doggie style did he ever spank you or squeeze your butt? Did you love it? If so, congratulations, you have experienced light BDSM and already liking it! Tickling, spanking with hands, put on a blindfold, tie your partner to a bedpost with a tie, and verbal teasing such as "call me sir" or "you dirty little Kitty". No pain, no scaring, just fun and flirting. Who doesn't like to use these for foreplay? So what tools do you need before starting light BDSM? Honestly, your hands, or a tie, can be the simplest tool for light BDSM. You might wonder if there are more interesting tools out there for light BDSM? The answer is yes! What is the best tool for light BDSM Let me introduce you to the RoomFun light BDSM Kit, which is specifically designed for BDSM beginners and foreplay. (6 Pcs Light BDSM Kit For Beginners)   This Kit is very simple, but it's also very fun and even educational! This Kit contains a blindfold, a paddle, a Scented candle, a pair of bell nipple ornaments, a pair of satin handcuffs, and a fliting feather. Not too much, but sexy enough to keep beginners interested in BDSM. It's also great for flirting or foreplay during normal sex.   Blindfold——Unpredictable stimulation When the vision is obscured, any slight movement will turn into an unpredictable stimulation. Is there anything more surprising and exciting than this?   Paddle——Spanking fun Spanking with bare hands may be a bit rough. Use this elegant paddle to do a simpler and more exciting spanking. (View More At Spanking Tools)   Scented candle——Romantic atmosphere The pleasant and ambiguous aroma can well create a romantic atmosphere and awaken sexual desire. (View More At Candles)   Bells nipple ornaments——Nipple stimulation Not as painful as nipple clips, but enough to stimulate the nipples. These cute nipple ornaments will definitely look great on your nipples   Satin handcuffs——Simply bondage Being bondaged by a simply knot! What's more fun than this? (View More At Handcuff)   Flirting feathers——Teasing your lover Sweep this feather gently on your lover’s skin to ignite his/her desire!       These tools are very delicate and simple to use, now you know that light BDSM can be done very easily. But light BDSM as a new form of foreplay, there are still lot to be aware of. Here are some suggestions: Talk to your partner in advance. Be open with your partner about your feelings and needs It's very important to be consensual, reach a consensus in advance about who will become "dom" and who will become "sub" Agree to a safety word with your partner. When your partner's behavior crosses your boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable, use the safety word to ask your partner to stop! If you and your partner want to take BDSM to the next level and try some more professional BDSM tools, such as candles, whips, medical PinWheel, electric shock rod, be sure to learn how to use them safely before using them. If you find it complicated,  you can try some basic BDSM toy first. View More At Safety Guidelines About BDSM Play   Well, these are my suggestions on how to safely do light BDSM as foreplay. Have a good time!    

Novel experience! 5 Straight Men Tell Us Why They Like Pegging

You may have heard of pegging, but in case you haven't, pegging is a sexual act in which a woman wears a dildo to penetrate a man. Pegging may come as a surprise to you because it is not anal sex between gay males. It refers to anal sex between a man and a woman, except that in this case the man is the one being penetrated. In fact pegging has become more and more common in daily life. In the TV series Broad City, Abbi Jacobson penetrated his male neighbors with strap-on dildo. (TV series Broad City) When Roomfun first launched the Strap-On Dildos series, we assumed that the customers for the series would be mainly lesbian couples. But to our surprise, we received many emails from male customers asking questions about strap-on dildos. After talking with these male customers, we finally knew why they would buy strap-on dildos. (Double vibrator strap-on dildo) Here, 5 straight male customers from Roomfun share their experience with pegging (They were informed and consented to this sharing and anonymous, of course). J, 58 “I suffered from erectile dysfunction after the age of about 55 , which made it difficult for me to get hard during sex. Ironically, my wife can always use vibrators, but I can't get pleasure and orgasm through normal sex.. which is so frustrating. My doctor told me that the prostate is the g-spot for men, and men can also get sexual pleasure through anal sex. Under the doctor’s advice, my wife and I tried pegging, and until now we do it at least once a week” H, 33 ”My wife is bisexual. She used strap-on dildos with her ex-girlfriend before. She told me that anal sex would be great, so I tried it too. Turned out it was really good.” P, 28 ”My wife has always been interested in my anus. She always likes to have anal sex with me. She told me that anal sex is very stimulating and I should try it. Out of curiosity, I tried anal sex, with my wife, of course. Now pegging is just an ordinary part of sex for us, nothing to be surprised.” S, 39 ”Being a sub, I obeyed my mistress unconditionally. She likes pegging and I choose to enjoy it.” T, 23 ”It was my girlfriend's idea and the thought of me being pegged under my girlfriend like a bitch really excited me. I guess I'm a bit of a masochist.”   After learning about the pegging experience of the above 5 straight men, have you broadened your horizons?  A lot of conservative but erroneous ideas are that straight men like to be penetrated is because they are potentially gay. After all, for most straight or men who are deeply influenced by patriarchy, being pegged or penetrated is taboo, and no one is allowed to do anything weird to their anus. What these men don't actually know is that the prostate, the walnut-size gland found under a man’s bladder is the male g-spot. It is easily accessible via the anal and it can give men intense physical pleasure, enough to drive them crazy. What else can be said? They must have missed a lot! Sex should be free and unfettered, and everyone has the right to pursue physical pleasure. Just enjoy yourselves!  

The Six Most Ccommon Sensation Play: What And How To Do It Safely?

Sensation play is an act of conveying feelings to the body, thereby causing pleasure. In fact, sensation play is so ubiquitous in sex that every one of us may have experienced sensation play in sex. Think of the gentle touch on your body from your partner during sex, the moment his wet tongue ran crosses your nipples, have you ever been sexually aroused by those actions?  Did your legs burn with desire? The purpose of sensation play is to enhance the pleasurable sensation of all senses during sex, so sensation play includes impact (spanking or hitting with tools), wax play, pain, temperature, restraint, smell, figging sight and electroplay. The following are the 6 most common sensation play and how to do it safely. 1. Wax play Wax play is a kind of temperature play. Wax play is to drip hot wax onto bare skin to entice excitement and sexual arousal. The candles on the market that are suitable for wax play are generally low temperature candles at 127.4 degrees Fahrenheit, there will only be a slight burning feeling, under the premise of correct use, low temperature candles will not burn the skin. After the hot wax has solidified, the wax can be easily removed without leaving scar on the skin. How to do it safely? Use low temperature candles designed specifically for wax dripping These areas need to be avoided:Hair, ears, nose, eyes, vaginal, anal, and urethral cavities Agree on a safe word between the two parties Prepare a fire extinguisher or sand that blocks oxygen Prepare a medical kit for emergency treatment of severely scalded skin ​ ​​   (Room-fun Low Temp Scented Candles) Check out more about Wax Play   2. Temperature play Ice play is the most typical kind of temperature play. The stinging sensation left by ice cubes on the skin can add an element of sensory stimulation and surprise to any sexy BDSM scene, and most people choose to rub ice cubes over the skin. Another high-level temperature play is to use sex toys that can conduct heat, such as glass/full-metal sex toys. Before use, place glass/all-metal sex toys in a refrigerator or hot water. The temperature of these toys will change with the ambient temperature due to their thermal conductivity. Then put these sex toys with changed temperature on sensitive parts of the body quickly to feel the unexpected stimulation and surprise. (Fox Tail Full Metal Anal Plug) How to do it safely? If you put ice cubes or heated toys into anus or vagina, take care not to put them in for more than 3 minutes, as they can easily freeze and burn fragile tissue Prepare a medical first aid kit in advance for unexpected frostbite or scalds Agree on a safe word between the two parties   3. Electroplay Electroplay is a BDSM game that uses electrical stimulation for sexual desire or erotic pleasure. The most common electroplay toys are electric shock rod/whip,neon Wand, violet wand and tens units. (Electric Shock Rod) How to do it safely? Purchase and use reliable and safe electric shock toys Remove all jewelry before electroplay Don’t use electrical toys on allergic skin or wound Agree on a safe word between the two parties High voltage currents can burn the skin and leave scars. Increase the intensity slowly and carefully as you play.   4. Wartenberg pinwheels The Wartenberg Pinwheels were designed by Robert Wartenberg and were originally used to roll over the skin to test neural responses. In addition to its medical use, the Wartenberg Pinwheel is now widely used in BDSM games for sexual pleasure through a slight tingling or tickling sensation on the skin. How to do it safely? Always disinfect the Wartenberg Pinwheel to keep it sanitary and clean Don't use it with too much pressure to avoid piercing the dermis. After all, you want to please your partner, not abuse and hurt your partner. Agree on a safe word between the two parties (Pen-shaped Medical PinWheel)    5. Tickle play  All of us are familiar with tickling, an act that causes irritation and excitement by lightly touching the skin. In fact tickle play is an important element in the relationship between domination and submission, mostly to punish a masochist. Tickle Play is one of the simplest sensation Play, with simple tools such as fingers, feather dusters, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, feathers or vibrators, you can  punish the masochist directly by tickling. How to do it safely? Agree on a safe word or a safe signal between the two parties. (Sometimes the subs in the extremely itchy state are unable to articulate the safe word verbally, so a safety signal can be set)   6. Impact play Impact play is mainly to strike the masochist in different ways such as spanking, whipping,  caning, flogging and paddling for the sexual satisfaction of either or both parties How to do it safely? In general, the meatier the area, the safer it is to strike,  like buttocks, legs, thighs These areas need to be avoided: Head, ears, major organ parts, spine, lower back Agree on a safe word between the two parties (Roomfun's spanking tools) So, have you tried any of the six sensation play mentioned above? If you haven't tried them before, you can do with your partner and it will definitely be a lot of fun. Be safe and have a good time! View More About Roomfun‘s sensation play toys

How To Do Wax Play?

What is Wax Play? Wax Play is a BDSM game in which sadist finds psychological satisfaction and causes masochist pain by dripping hot melted wax onto masochist's face, hands, legs, buttocks, tongue or even sexual parts. As wax is almost harmless to human body, and it is not easy to leave marks on human skin after wax play, so wax play has become one of the most common training games in BDSM.   How to choose candles? In general, low temperature candles are the best choice. Unlike lighting candles, low temperature candles have a lower melting point (122 F-140 F) . The temperature will not be too high, not easy to cause accidental damage. The use of low-temperature candles for wax play is mainly to cause a visual shock to the sadist, but also to give the masochist a feeling of fear and slight pain, and will not cause real burns. As for the ordinary lighting candle, its melting point is generally around 176°F, the wax oil at this temperature can easily cause burns on the skin, so new wax players should not try it easily. In addition to the difference in temperature, most low-temperature candles on the market now use natural beeswax as raw materials, and add natural oil products such as olive oil and aromatic substances such as essential oils to produce aroma. The faint fragrance that such scented candle can send out after burning, not only can build comfortable, relaxed environment, even some aroma still has aphrodisiac effect. (Room-fun Low Temp Scented Candles) Wax playing skills The closer the candle is to the skin, the wax oil will be hotter; the greater the angle at which the candle is tilted, the faster the wax drops. It is recommended to drop the wax oil from 12 inches or more above the skin. If masochist is comfortable with this temperature,  the sadist can hold the candle slowly close to the masochist's skin and observe the masochist's reaction at the same time.   Where to begin? It is generally recommended to start at the back or buttocks, which can withstand higher temperatures than the other parts of the body.  In fact, every part of the human body can do wax play, but different parts of the body have different sensitivity to higher temperatures. Tender skin areas such as the breasts, inner thighs and soles of the feet have a much lower tolerance to higher temperatures, thus playing with wax on these areas will give masochist a much stronger reaction.   In fact, the sadist should test the temperature with the back of the hand before dropping hot wax to a particular area. At the meantime, adjust the height and angle of the candle depending on masochist's reaction. If masochist struggles and twists the body or cries in a low voice, so this is the right temperature;If masochist is calm and doesn't even react, then sadist can raise the temperature slowly. If the Masochist's body reacts violently with the wax, watch out if the wax is too hot! To keep masochist from struggling, sadist can tie him/her up before doing wax play To remove the wax from skin, simply apply ice cubes or a cold towel to the skin. The wax will fall off naturally when the skin contracts. (Use props to scrape off after cooling)   Matters needing attention Prepare a fire extinguisher or sand that blocks oxygen Prepare some ice cubes or a wet, cool, clean towel Put an old sheet or tarp on the floor or furniture to protect your carpet or furniture Prepare a medical kit for emergency treatment of severely scalded skin Do not for any reason use the wax internally.  Keep it out of vaginal, anal, and urethral cavities! Avoid dropping wax around the eyes, if wax drips into the eye, it will make one go blind Some people may be allergic to most of the added ingredients in candles. If you have an allergic reaction to perfume or nuts, it is recommended not to try wax play, or to test a few drops on the back of the hand to see if there is an unpleasant reaction before dropping the wax over a large area

3 BDSM Toys For Beginners

                                                                                               Fifty Shades of Grey is an excellent romantic BDSM film. In the film Christian Grey's playroom has a huge selection of BDSM toys and furniture, which is surprising and eye-opening. As a new BDSM player, you don't have to own as many BDSM toys as Christian Gray, but there are few basic BDSM toys you can not miss!   1. Handcuffs Handcuffs are the most fun, most practical toy in BDSM play. Also it is the simplest way of exchanging power — the moment you put them on, you become someone else's slave. There are roughly three types of handcuffs: rubber, metal and leather. For BDSM beginners, leather handcuffs with fluff are the most recommended, they are comfortable and soft, and can be worn for a long time without damaging the skin. There are also many different combinations of handcuffs that are worth exploring. (Handcuffs) More different handcuffs   2. Blindfolds Scientifically speaking, when your vision is deprived, your other senses become more developed and sensitive. This theory has been introduced into BDSM games, by depriving the vision with a blindfold to increase the sensitivity of other senses. When Masochist's eyes were covered with  a blindfold, every movement of the sadist makes the masochist nervous and excited. Of course, blindfolds can also be used to sleep in everyday life. (Blindfold) 3. Paddles Many people give priority to whips when it comes to spanking. Whips can be used to spank large areas, but if the users are not skilled, they may cause unnecessary damage. Therefore, the paddles are more suitable for BDSM beginners. The paddles feature precise  aiming points and free control of force, making it suitable for stimulating a single area. The most common Paddles are leather paddles and wooden paddles. The paddles made of different materials will cause different levels of pain even if the same force is applied. The beat is characterized by precise tapping points and free control of force, making it suitable for stimulating small areas. Watching the masochist trembling because of being spanked, listening to the screaming of the masochist, can satisfy sadist's vent to the body. The masochist, on the other hand, experienced a different kind of pleasure when he/she was spanked, and even exuded more fluid..  Sadist needs to pay attention to force control while spanking, and observe if the masochist's body and mind can handle it. (Leather Paddles)  

Six Safety Guidelines Before Starting A BDSM Play

  When you are first introduced to BDSM game, you may be thrilled or nervous or even uneasy.     “Will my partner hurt me?”,  “What if my partner does something deadly to me"….   In fact, as you learn more about BDSM, you will find BDSM can be done safely. BDSM is not dangerous in most cases (except for extreme BDSM games) , but if you lack relevant knowledge and refuse to do some research and follow the BDSM's rules, you're likely to hurt yourself or your partner.   Therefore, it is important for you and your partner to learn a few safety guidelines before starting a BDSM game!   Rule No. 1 | Knowing the SSC" principles SSC Principles refer to “Safe, Sane, and Consensual”, which are the basic principles of BDSM games and the philosophy of BDSM players safe: attempts should be made to identify and prevent risks to health. sane: activities should be undertaken in a sane and sensible frame of mind. consensual: all activities should involve the full consent of all parties involved.   Rule No. 2 | Use a safety word Safety word is a way of communication in BDSM games, which is one of the crucial ways to improve the safety of BDSM games. The safety word is usually a key word agreed upon between sadist and masochist. When masochist really thinks he or she couldn't stand it any more, the masochist should say the safety word to the sadist , and sadist must stop and change the game to a safer way of playing. A safety word can be any word you want. Many BDSM players use “Green”, “Yellow”, and “Red” as their safety words. “Green” means "continue," yellow means "Proceed but with caution," and red means "stop." As a sadist, you need to follow safety rules to maintain your partner's trust. As a masochist you should also be wary of those who do not respect your own safety.   Rule No. 3 | Communicate openly and honestly Before BDSM games, it's important to be honest with your partner about your needs and your bottom line. In fact, not just before the intense BDSM games, but even before daily sex, you should be honest with yourself and share your needs, thoughts and feelings to your partner. This is also one of the important ways to complete high-quality sex.   Rule No. 4 | Do not over drink or do drugs before BDSM games There are few risks involved If you drink a little alcohol before BDSM games. But if you over drink, take some psychotropic substances, or ever worse, do drugs before BDSM games, the alcohol or drugs can affect your consciousness, reduce your reactivity, and make it difficult for you to response and realize that what you're doing is hurtful or deadly to your partner. So remember, no alcohol or drugs before the game!   Rule No. 5 | Know how to use tools safely There are many BDSM tools or toys on the market. The most common items include whips, handcuffs, gags, hoods, collars, needles, knives, candles, dungeons sex furniture, and more. You don't have to know all of the BDSM tools or toys, but you should know how to use and maintain them before you buy and use them. It is also best to practice before using, for example, practice using a whip to improve the accuracy of aiming and avoid hurting your partner's organs. There are many ways to learn how to use BDSM tools on the internet. Don't be lazy, study more, or talk more with experienced players. This is another important way to play BDSM games safely.   Rule No. 6 | Always have contingency plans in place Being prepared for an emergency is a basic requirement of BDSM, which means: Having a phone within reach to call 911 Having a pair of scissors or bolt cutters for quick release Stay hydrated For toys with locks, make sure you have at least two keys Having a first aid kit for immediate treatment of bruises and inflamed skin If candles or flames are used, prepare a fire extinguisher in advance   There are many specific risks in BDSM games, such as how to deal with the risk of choking games. So before you engage in BDSM games, make sure that you have learned and researched the risks of any BDSM games you are interested in, so as how to deal with any risks